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Prokon在 rkiye签订了新的维护和维修工程合同


  • t praak最关键的包之一——熔炉的维护和维修工作——是托付给Prokon的
  • 这是一份具有挑战性的新合同,将Prokon视为可靠的解决方案合作伙伴


Prokon Makina, Insaat, Imalat, Montaj, Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd (Prokon Türkiye), Prokon’s subsidiary, 很高兴地宣布,它已与 rkiye Petrol Rafinerileri a.S. (tprakai)提供熔炉的维护和维修工作.

The contract takes in the maintenance and repair works of the furnaces in Unit 5 (Crude Oil Unit) and 21 (Naphta Hydrotreater/Desulphurization) of Tüpraş Izmit Refinery. 

Two crude oil furnaces, including their pre-heaters, one vacuum furnace including its air preheater, 一个酸气焚烧炉及其烟囱将在停堆期间维修. 停摆期预计将从10月初开始, 2022, and it is planned to be completed in 30 days. 

Vugar Samadli, 皇冠体育app公司首席执行官表示:“Prokon已经成功实现了之前的所有关键方面, strategic contract with Tüpraş, Türkiye’s downstream giant.  Trusting one of the most critical maintenance and repair works packages in the company’s yearly shut down programme underlines Prokon’s approval as a reliable solution provider. 

I am confident that Prokon will remain a trusted solution partner for Tüpraş’s future undertakings by committing to deliver high quality results both for the existing and prospect campaigns”.

As part of the current campaign, Prokon will deliver blinding, dismantling, cleaning, retubing, reassembly, replacement of various parts of the furnaces, which at the peak of the works will see around 110 people – some 90 pipe fitters/erectors and 16 alloy welders – mobilized to the site.